Vi help youths with gaming addictions


At Revansch we work to prevent gaming addictions before they happen. Every youth is unique and therefore needs to be treated that way. That’s why we carefully create individual plans for each youth.


By letting youths try new things, we change their way of thinking and their habits. We give them a chance to break free from their social confinement, learn to handle failure and stress.


We’re a non-profit organisation with the sole goal of helping as many young people as possible. All of our services are completely free for those who are in need.

We give parents and relatives to gamblers/gamers advice on how to break free from this vicious cycle.

We have contacts specialized in different areas available to help you.

Weekly meetings where you can talk to us and people in the same situation as yourself.

We offer completely free lectures to schools, companies, administrative authorities and institutions.

Soon we’re opening our hotline for direct help over the phone.

Our chat room makes it easy to talk to other gamblers/gamers live and anonymously.

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Revansch är en ideell förening och är politiskt och religiöst obunden.